IMG_7153_1 (2)I believe you are reading this page now because you are searching for a Personal Trainer in KL (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia.

I specialize in Corrective Exercise and Sports Performance Enhancement. Over the years I’ve worked with clients of various background such as national level athletes, general population and special population – Pregnant and post-partum ladies, older adults, rehabilitation, cancer patients and clients with musculoskeletal issues.

You may have experienced or thought all personal trainers do the same thing. No, it’s not. Most personal trainers just give you orders to do a list of exercises randomly.

However, I will only start training you after an assessment is done, then design a training programme based on the assessment’s result and then we will start your training session. During your training session, my job is to supervise and actively coach you, not just counting repetitions ( a parrot could do that too, right? ).

I welcome you to experience a training session with me. Make an appointment to see me soon 🙂