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Exercise In Ramadhan: My Little Experience

Today is the second day of Ramadhan that started yesterday. I would like to wish all Muslim readers a blessed Ramadhan Mubarak ahead. In case you are not aware, the Ramadhan month is known as the holiest month for Muslims all over the world, where Muslims observes one of the 5 pillars, fasting or also known as Sawn.

Personally I’ve not fasted, neither I can stand fasting. I eat every 3-4 hours or else my body goes into Hypoglycemia mood.

Last year, I posted about exercising during Ramadhan, that was just theoretical and not from my personal experience.

Yesterday I decided to try experimenting not eating before training. Usually, I have my pre-workout meal 1 hour before training. What I did was stop eating after lunch at 1pm, and went to train with BootYcamp in the evening at 6:15pm. That is about 5 hours since my last meal.

My experience: The campers started with light jog interval with power walking. Bodyweights conditioning were implemented in between the run and walks. These routine are usually easy for me, and I’ll consider them my warm up, however, training without pre-workout meal was different. Within 20 minutes into the training, I started feeling nausea and my body started to shiver. These are all signs of hypoglycemia kicking in. I was able to complete the day’s session with the campers, just that in a uncomfortable manner. Not to forget, the fasting campers that went through the same routine. They fasted since their last sahur meal at 7am, did not give up neither they took the offer of lower repetition for fasting campers. They have my highest respect.

Theoretically, we know the science behind the changes in our body during fasting state, we know the science on what to do and not to do during fasting state, however experiencing it is something totally different (although it was just for 5 hours, but that is my personal limit when it comes to fasting).

After my experience yesterday, I will still advice you to read on exercising during Ramadhan that I wrote last year, same advice still applies to all.