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I’m Home, and Shrunked!

Just to let you all know I am home safe and sound. I’ve lost most of my muscle mass though from this 3 weeks trip. I might or might not tell you about my trip. I’ll think about it. But basically I’ve personally experienced how we’ll lose our muscle mass from skipping meals. I know about it theoretically, seen it happened on others, but now I experienced it first hand. Well yes, since the day I started lifting weights and training, I eat every 2-3 hours and never allow myself to be hungry. Anal retentive you may call me, but that’s me afraid of muscles breaking down. But for some reasons from this 3 weeks trip, I was on a total different kind of lifestyle.

Well, I will not hesitate to jack up my food intake and start lifting irons soon to gain what I’ve lost. Bulking season 😉