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My Personal Experience from Interning in a Non-Fitness Related Company – Part 3/3

This post will be my last post on my internship experience segment.

In case you didn’t know, the company that I was attached to emphasized highly that their employees have to be physically fit due to the demands and nature of cooperate trainer’s job. They actually hire a fitness instructor to conduct a group exercises for them once a week, on top of that most employees engage on their own running routine, which is not good.

Yes, you are not reading any mistake(s) here, but running or better known as jogging to some, is not going to bring you any good in the long term. While its true running helps you to lose weight, especially for people who made a transition from sedentary lifestyle to active lifestyle, but bear in mind, you lose weight from fat at the same time breaking down muscles tissues which correlates with metabolic rate. Losing fat will be a big challenge after you establish your running routine for sometime. Long-Steady state type of cardio (eg: Jogging/Running) isn’t the best thing to do especially if you are looking at fat loss. I’ll explain about this in details in a separate post.

Meanwhile, hardcore runners should drop by to read John Kiefer’s write up on Women: Running into Trouble and you might want to reconsider about running as your only fitness routine.