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No, I Don’t Want You to Do Any Sit-up(s) !

Why I don’t see any Sit-up(s) on my programme? I want a flat tummy! This is not an unusual question and statement I always get from my new clients. I’ll explain why. Let me first explain the myth of spot reduction.

Spot reduction is the worst ever fitness advice given to anyone by anyone, that you can lose fat on a particular body part by just working out on that body part. Example – 1. Your arms are flabby and you want smaller arms? Do bicep curl and tricep extensions. 2. You have a large tummy and you want a flat tummy? Do 500 sit-ups ! These are stupid advice that whoever even mention about them should be shoot.

Fat lost happens as a WHOLE, and not just a particular area. It also depends on other factors like your genetics, gender (hormones) and age. For fat lost to happen, it depends on your lifestyle (choice of food, calories input and output, stress level, sleep time etc). To me, exercise is just 30% of fat lost, the rest comes from your lifestyle.
So if you want a flat tummy, make the changes in your lifestyle and move your ass around more!
And back to sit-ups. Some uneducated trainers thinks that by doing sit-ups you work your CORE muscles. If they even know what is CORE to begin with. Core muscles are NOT just limited to your abdominal muscles (or what you call them as ABS, the 6 packs). The core IS actually a system that allows you to stabilize yourself in any given situation – that includes standing up from the chair, carrying a baby from the floor, picking up a box and even when you slip and fall, how much you can decelerate the impact of falling depends on your core system. The core system is what protects you when you lift something heavy, and balance yourself in situation that you need to like falling when you stepped on the banana skin.
If you are still not convinced about not getting a workout for your abdominal muscles, try exercises like deadlifts, squats, and push ups IN PROPER and CORRECT form and see how much your abdominal muscles are working.

If you are still not convinced. Then keep the good work up, keep doing your sit-ups and you’ll have 6 packs like the guy above. Cool?

On a serious note, think about this. If sit-ups are able to give you a flat stomach, why are there still so many people walking with a big bulging tummy despite doing hundreds of sit-ups?