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Training At Home? But Without Equipment(s)? How!?

Well, this is the common question people would ask me when I tell them I do home based Personal Training. Most of the time I train my clients without any fancy looking machines that you see in most commercial fitness clubs. Some of my clients might have Cardio Machines, either Treadmills, Elliptical Trainers, Stationary Bikes or a Rowing Machine. Treadmill is the most common machine owned among my clients.

But even that, I don’t train my clients using any of their available Cardio Machines – What’s the point paying me to watch you running on your treadmill? I ask them to run when they are not training with me instead.

So how do I train my clients without any equipments? 

With the understanding of science of human motion, human movement, body structure and body functions, we can workout regardless where you are. The fancy looking machines at the gyms are made by mimicking human movement after all. I train of my clients with bodyweights and plyometrics conditioning instead – structuring and progressing them depending on their fitness level.

Does that mean I don’t use any equipment(s) at all? 
Well, No. I do use some mobile equipments, depending on my client’s fitness level. However, they are only used to add challenges to clients’ routine when clients are starting to get too comfortable with their own bodyweight.