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We Should Not Exercise !!

…. says the slimming center.

The first time I ever heard that slimming centers were discouraging people from exercising was on a friend’s facebook status update, reason given was it will make you put on weight. Not long later, a female friend of mine made a statement that ” exercise can make you fat “. Obviously I did not hesitate to ask her where the hell she got that information from? Her reply : the slimming center.

Well, I’m not too surprised by such stupid recommendation by the slimming center. Why?

Because slimming center focuses on losing weight, not fat. Our body weight consist of weight from body fat, lean muscles, internal organs, bones and water. By exercising, especially resistance exercise, you are stimulating your muscles to potentially grow, which will then cause you to put on weight, but from muscle mass and not fat. Increasing your muscle mass, that also literally means melting away those fat more effectively.

You see, from my understanding, measurement taken before and after each treatment at slimming centers is due to lost of weight from water. You will see instant result on the weight scale, but how sustainable can that weight be? 

Yes, girls and ladies, forget about losing weight, focus on weight management and losing fat instead. Forget about slimming centers that promotes unhealthy weight lost. Hire a qualified fitness professional to guide you on healthy weight management at the same time benefit from the outcomes of physical fitness training.

Oh ok, wait. Girls don’t want to look SO big and TOO muscular from resistance exercise right?

Look how sexy these ladies are 😀

Take home message: 
Engage on healthy weight management and not quick fix. The weighing scale numbers don’t mean much, choose to reduce the number on your waist and hip instead. Above all, focus on your body composition.