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What Makes You Fat?

Last semester at University, I was required to do a presentation for the module of Physiological Psychology. Physiological Psychology studies on how the mind affects the body or how the body affects the mind, depending on which school of thought you subcribe to.

So I decided to talk about Fad Diets considering going on a diet is pretty a hot topic among the female students. I covered on various types of fad diets – low carbs, no carbs, high protein, etc. You may ask how is it related to Psychology. Here’s an example; the no carbs and all protein diet causes you body to be deprived of glucose which comes from carbohydrates. And glucose is known as your brain’s food that helps in brain functioning. When your body could not find any glucose, they would start producing ketones as replacement. However ketones do not work as well as glucose, hence affect your brain’s functioning on decision making etc.

The main highlight on this post is on something that made the whole class started clapping and cheering. One of the questions that was asked by the students was;

Does that mean we have to stop eating McDonalds?

Which I answered “No, We can eat McDonalds and I love McDonalds too“.

That answer made the whole class started to clap and cheered. But of course, I further explained that;
It’s not what we eat that makes us fat, but it’s how much we eat, the calories intake versus calories outtake, or should I say how much you eat and what do you do to burn off the calories. Often people just eat too much, and not doing enough physical activity, and things just get worst as we are living in a what I call sedentary society.

And the class went silent for a while before I further added that we should all eat moderately and more importantly engage in regular physical activities.

Coming up in next write up – Knowing your source of Calories.