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Why Do I Train ?

Over the years people engage me as their fitness professional for various reasons; fat loss, sports performance, musculoskeletal issues, want to be healthier and the list goes on.

Personally, I train for only 1 reason. A better quality of life with efficient movement. What that means is; Our daily life revolves around moving. Human are made to move; we are made to lift thing off the floor, walking from one place to another. Unfortunately with technology advancement and progression, human movement quality is being regressed. 
How often do you see people, whether skinny or fat, walk a little, going up a few stairs and they are panting for air.

Then you see people complaining about back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and the list goes on. And then you have less intelligent doctors advising you to stay away from exercising because of pain, prescribing pain killers instead of addressing the issue of structural balance which affect their movement pattern.

We’ll talk about addressing structural balance and why you should ask your doctor to hire me another time. Mean while, I’m still around, just too busy to blog.