Fat Burner – Worth Or Worst?

I’m often asked about fat burners. I personally tried one bottle of Lipo6 many years ago. I’m not sure whether it was the fat burner or my hard work at the gym, but one thing I can remember clearly was I got high fever for one week, 2 days after I stop consuming my Lipo6. I was consuming Lipo6 on a 4 weeks cycle, that’s half of the recommended 8 weeks cycle.

Let’s try to understand Fat Burner a little better here since I’m writing this for you.

Fat burner is a term used to describe supplements that are claimed to enhance fat burning, suppress appetite, regulating thyroid hormone and blocking carbs & fat. Please do take note that these are only claims, and might not be scientifically validated. And yes, supplements are supplements, its used to make up for deficiency only.

Thousands of fat burner supplements are available over the counter drug store / supplement stores that are marketed under various labels such as metabolic boosters and fat blocker for instance. Most fat burner supplements uses ingredients such as caffeine, carnitine, green tea, chromium, ephedra and the list goes on.

However, based on scientific studies, only caffeine and green tea have shown its fat burning enhancing potential, others are lacking of evidence in fat burning enhancing potential and potentially dangerous for human consumption with risk related to liver and kidney failure. Not only that, it is also dangerous if consumed by people with high blood pressure and heart conditions.

But wait a moment; don’t just jump off your chair now to buy caffeine based fat burners hoping that it will get you into your desired shape. Too much caffeine consumption will cause insulin insensitivity and stresses out the adrenal glands – which will retard your ability to stay lean or lose the extra fat.

In my personal opinion, stay away from fat burners no matter how much your heart wants it after seeing before and after photographs of Real Results published by the supplement makers. Supplement makers know for the fact that people are struggling to lose fat and want the easy way out. They know you have a desire for a certain perceived body image, and they are tapping on that to make you buy their supplements. If you know what happens at the backstage in making the before and after photographs, trust me, you will slap yourself twice or even knocking your head against the wall for trusting the supplement makers’ advertisement and you actually paid money for your bottle fat burner.

Fat burner might benefit you in the short term, especially if you are preparing for a stage show, but not in the long term – in fact I believe it will cause more harm than good in the long term. Nothing beats diet, exercise and healthy habits. So get your ass off the chair and train the good old way.