Welcome to my site.

If you are reading this, most probably you are looking for a health and wellness care solution.

I’m an Integrated Wellness Practitioner specializing in Preventive and Corrective Musculoskeletal Problems. I’m trained in Manual Therapy for Spine, Joint and Muscular health care. I’m also a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist.

Talk to me if you are experiencing any of these problems:

Neck pain (muscle spasm, disc herniation, etc.)

Lower back pain (disc herniation, facet joint restriction, etc.)

Thoracic spine pain (disc herniation, rib restriction, etc.)


Temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction

Shoulder pain (impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury, etc.)

Hip pain (hip bursitis, post-surgical hip replacement, myofascial hip pain, hip impingement, etc.)

Knee pain (iliotibial band syndrome, patellofemoral dysfunction, post-surgical knee replacement, etc.)

Ankle pain (ankle sprains/strains, arthritis, etc.)