Wanna be a Personal Trainer in Kuala Lumpur (KL) ? Part 2

My apologies for the delay in continuing from Wanna be a Personal Trainer in Kuala Lumpur (KL) ? Part 1. In case you are wondering, Yes, I’m pretty busy.

If you’ve not read my previous write up, you can read it here; Wanna be a Personal Trainer in Kuala Lumpur (KL) ? Part 1. Now let’s get straight to the point; where and how you can get yourself certified in Malaysia.

There are few organizations in Malaysia that provides fitness certification courses, namely;

1. Art in Movement – They can be considered the pioneer when it comes to fitness education in Malaysia, operating under a different company name before this but is run and managed by Master Trainer Irene Lee. They conduct the Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness (FISAF) courses. FISAF courses are broken down into a few levels, starting from the FISAF Core Fitness course. For more details check out their Art In Movement website.

2. FIT Malaysia – They started operations in 2007 as the only organization to run the American Council on Exercise (ACE) courses in Malaysia. They later added the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)’s Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist(CSCS) course into their portfolio.

3. PFC Studio – PFC Studio is one of the latest growing organization that is providing the platform for personal trainer’s certification in Malaysia. They started operations in 2011 as the an authorized provider of National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)‘s personal trainer certification in Malaysia. 

PFC Studio also raised the bar of fitness education in Malaysia by introducing Personal Training Academy Global (PTA Global) to develop fitness professionals in Malaysia. 

These are the 3 places that provide the platform for aspiring fitness professionals in Malaysia. Out of these 3, I have personally attended courses by FIT Malaysia and PFC Studio. In fact my first CPR training was done at FIT Malaysia in 2008, subsequently few other continuing education credit courses like Training Clients with Lower Back Pain, Pre and Post Partum Training. The last time I took a course with FIT was in 2011 when I was given a free spot in their class in exchange for certain help I provided them. While for PFC StudioI’m certainly more than happy with their establishment to inject something new to the Malaysian fitness industry.

If you’re looking to be a certified personal trainer and not sure what to do, feel free to contact me and i’ll be more than happy to guide and advice you through.